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Rental Processing

Rental Processing

A $37 Rental Application Fee For Each Applicant Must Be Submitted Before Review

Owner/Agent requires a payment of $37.00, which is to be used to screen each applicant that is 18 years old or older with respect to credit history and other background information.

Applicant authorizes verification of information supplied by Applicant via methods which may include, but are not limited to, tenant screening and checking credit.

The amount charged is itemized as follows:

$ 15.00 – Cost of credit report, unlawful detainer (eviction) search, and or other report screening

$ 22.00 – Cost to obtain, process and verify screening information

$ 37.00 = Total fee charged

A $60 Rental Processing Fee For Approved Tenancy To Establish Lease Agreement.

You can pay by:

  • bringing a check to our office or
  • sending a check or
  • clicking on the PayPal button below

By using PayPal, Applicant agrees that the email receipt received from PayPal is acknowledgement that Owner/Agent received the amount indicated in the email on the date the payment is processed from Applicant who offers to rent from Owner/Agent the premises indicated in the application.

Rental Application Fee - $37

Processing Fee - $60

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