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Landlord Verification

Landlord Verification

Landlord Verification - MSSR Inc.

icon_pdfOptional PDF Landlord Verification. Download and fax to (858) 564-8142.

  • MSSR Inc.

  • Dear Residence Manager, Landlord, or Agent:
  • We have received a rental application from
  • Currently residing at
  • and they have specified you and/or your company as a present or previous landlord. We would appreciate your response to the following questions below at your earliest convenience. If you do not know the answer or it does not apply please leave it blank. If you have additional information that may help in our decision. Please feel free to add your comments or give us a call 1-838-564-0579.

  • Please send this verification form back to us as soon as possible.


    Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Your help is greatly appreciated .

    MSSR Inc.

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